Etablissement Recevant du Public (ERP)

For any modification, change of destination, replacement…the construction code requires the operator to deposit a safing file with an authorization of work.


The work can be achieved only after the Mayor’s authorization’s decree and will have to comply with the submitted and approved file.

The file includes :
– A « CERFA »
– A fire safety file
– The existing plans
– The plans in project
– An accessibility instruction
– The existing plans
– The plans in project
– In some cases, a schedule of the work
– in some cases, a fire safety system coordination

For your information, any work started without an authorization and a deposited file directly lies on the operator’s civil and penal responsibility



Safety Blueprint – Drafting of habitational instruction – Drafting of fire safety instruction – In charge of the safety (Type T) – Removal of safety commision’s unfavourable opinions – Study of fire safety improvements



Made compulsory by the regulation of June 25th, 1980 article MS 53 § 2 as well as the standards NFS 61-931, NFS 61-932 and NFS 61-970, the ‘Fire Safety Systems Coordination’ mission aims at ensuring the continuity of your installation at every step.


Smoke removal

The mission provided by the design firm Alliance Prévention Incendie allows, in addition to the compulsory periodic verifications to inform the operator regarding the general operating condition of his mechanical smoke extraction installation.



The mission aims at assisting you, the contracting authority or your architect in the drawing up of the regulatory document.



Our design firm provides a training adapted to each type of institution and exploitation. It allows us to support the responsibility of the Chief of the institution towards his employees.



The aim of that mission is to support the contracting authority in an industrial institution sumbitted to declaration, recording, authorization…

One question = One answer

One problem = One solution



When a commitment is made through any contract, we undertake to make every effort in order to find the cheapest solutions and to obtain a validation for each file.

In the event of an unfavorable opinion, the file will be studied again at our own expenses and free of charge until the validation is obtained. We support you until the safety commission receive the work. For your information :

We are in no case an approved inspection body and we do not establish a single report on all of the missions that lies with them.