Institution receiving public

For any modification, change of destination, replacement etc…the home building code requires the operator to deposit a file regarding the safety and compliance in the administrative shape of a work authorization.

The work can be achieved only after the notice of the safety commission followed by the Mayor’s authorization’s decree and will have to comply with the submitted and approved file.

The file includes:

– A « CERFA »
– A fire safety package leaflet
– Existing plans
– Project plans
– An accessibility package leaflet
– In some cases, a schedule of the work
– in some cases, a mission of fire safety system coordination
For your information, any work started without an authorization and a deposited file directly lies on the operator’s civil and penal responsibility

Les travaux ne peuvent être réalisés qu’après arrêté du Maire autorisant les travaux après avis de la Commission de Sécurité compétente. Ils devront être conformes au dossier déposé et validé en Mairie.

When a commitment is made through any contract, we undertake to make every effort in order to find the cheapest solutions and obtain a validation for each file.

In the event of an unfavorable opinion, the file will be studied again at our own expenses and free of charge until the validation is obtained.

We support you until the safety commission receive the work.

For your information: An approved inspection body is not allowed to make the Council, draw the fire safety package leaflet, the fire safety systems coordination and the accessibility for it is both a judge and a member (1978 SPINETA LAW). Its mission: to be a technical auditor.