Audit of mechanical smoke extraction installations

The mission provided by the design firm Alliance Prévention Incendie allows, in addition to the compulsory periodic verifications (annual by an expert technician and triennial by a recognised organisation) to inform the operator regarding the general operating condition of his mechanical smoke extraction installation.

This mission applies to all the operators having mechanical smoke extraction installations (natural/mechanical and/or mechanical/mechanical) wether it is controlled or not by a fire safety system of category A or B.

The aim of that audit is to inform the operator of the general operating condition of his smoke extraction installation. That audit can also be used as a basis for work in case of a renovation and/or improvement of the smoke extraction and fire safety system.

That mission includes:

  1. Analysis of the whole of the documents available online (plans, calculation etc..)
  1. Analysis of the conformity of the smoke extraction installations with the regulation in force on the day of the visit.


  1. Verification of the overall functioning of the smoke extraction installation’s (automatic and manual control, deferral of disturbance informations, etc…)


  1. In-situ verification of all of the elements contributing to the smoke extraction proper functioning (shutter, hatch, etc…) ;


  1. Comprehensive measures on all speed of air passage and on flow rates etc…


  1. Deferral of all the measures in a summary table that allows a comparison with flow rates references.


  1. Comparison of the results obtained with the regulatory references supplied by the IT246 in case the flow rates references would not be provided.