Study of accessibility for people in situation of disabilities (Ad’Ap)

This mission includes the accessibility project’s feasibility with an integrated audit allowing us to define an approach consistent with the whole of the activities that you provide.

The aim of the accessibility mission ‘ADAP’ is to provide you :

  • Our experience and the whole of our knowledge of standards and regulations in force.
  • To take into account the financial and technical constraints.
  • To find the more appropriate solutions for your institution.
  • The assessment of your needs.
  • To enable you to make your institution accessible to all kinds of disabilities as much as possible.
  • To respect the chain displacement based on the decree in force (already existing or new)

The mission aims at advising you in terms of technical solutions possible and conceivable for your institution to be in conformity with the accessibility regulation.

In case all solutions are used up, you will be offered at least one derogating measures with alternative measures.

Specification :

It is impossible, according to the modified law of February 1st, 2005, to derogate from all of disabilities.


The design firm Alliance Prévention Incendie is not entitled to carry out the existing plans of the institution.

The operator will have to provide us a computerized and updated DWG version in order to carry out the file.