This mission complies with the rules for safety regulation of specific provisions.

This mission can extend to every type of institution dealing with public such as a nursing home, a hospital center, a clinic and more. That his done upon request to the safety commission or to the chief of the institution.

The implementation of fire safety through a blueprint combined with various scenarios and fact sheets including the reflexes in case of the triggering of a fire or an alarm and the confirmation of a disaster.

This mission includes

  • Assistance to the chief of the institution
  • Regulatory framework, Category, Type.
  • Compliance to the decree of December, 10th 2004
  • An analysis of the functioning of various services.
  • Analysis of the sort of staff on site depending on the schedule
  • Establishment of written procedures defining the role of each employee in case of a fire.
  • Establishment and updating of the general and specific fire instructions.
  • The responsibility to inform employees of directions.
  • Definition of a role/mission for each individual.
  • Creation of a document for each scenario.
  • Presentation of the organization diagram for safety to the prevention branch involved.
  • Update of the safety register for the theme at play.
  • The employees involved will undergo a training.