Fire safety instruction

This mission aims at assisting the contracting authority or your architect in the drawing up of the regulatory document.

This mission includes the description of the institution and the project.


The aim of the mission ‘Fire Safety Instruction’ is to assist you in the drawing up of the regulatory document :

  • Our experience and the whole of our understanding of standards and regulations in force.
  • The more appropriate solutions for your institution.
  • The consideration of your technical and financial exploitation’s constraints
  • Drawing up of the derogation(s).
  • The assessment of your needs.


We study and elaborate the technical documents necessary to the deposit of your file whilst adjusting the regulation to your institution and taking into account your financial constraints.


This document is submitted to the administrative authority and to the views of the safety commission.


The design firm Alliance Prévention Incendie is not entitled to carry out the existing plans of the institution.

The operator will have to provide us a computerized  and updated DWG version in order to carry out the file.