Employees training

Our design firm provides a training adapted to each type of institution and exploitation. It allows us to support the responsibility of the Chief of the institution towards his employees.

The employees will have to attend a theorical and a practical training in order to master the basic actions in case of a fire or any incident.

Here is an example of how the training can be organized :



  • 1 Theory :


*Regulatory reminder (institution receiving public).

*Fire safety and tools fundamental elements.


*Fire Safety System.

*Fire extinguisher (theory and types)

*Institution’s cut-off member

*General and specific instructions relative to the institution’s condition.

*Removal of hesitation.



  • 2 Practice :


*Rescuing and safing scenario.

*Reception of the paramedics and way to proceed

*Manipulation and implementation of the fire safety system.

*Fire extinguisher implementation

*Removal of hesitation

*Alert, alarm and gathering place



  • 2 Duration :


*3 sessions of 4 hours each.



  • 3 Trainer :


  • Theorical
  • Practical including a ride-along and performing of manipulations on fire safety system, fire extinguishers, alarms , alerts and reception of the paramedics.


Option :

If the operator desires it, our company is able to draw up specific and general instructions adapted to the institution’s conditions.

We are as well able to interfere in the training regarding the evacuations, delayed or assisted by human, of people with disabilities and establish specific instructions.