Single body responsible for the safety

The mission aims at assisting the contracting authority of an institution that is not isolated in conformity with the regulation.

The division of institutions in different parts ruled by the article R123-18 of the Building and hHabitational Code, is not opposed to the existence, within a same building, of various institutions from different or similar types, that, considered alone, would not fit the implementation and isolation conditions provided by the safety regulation. However, this grouping must be authorized only if the institutions is under the direction of a single chief, responsible to the public authorities of the requests for authorization and the compliance to the safety conditions for the whole institution as for each of its parts.

This grouping must be submitted to a special examination from the Safety Commission, that, depending on the category, type and situation of each parts of the grouping, will identify the dangers that the whole institution represents to its public and will propose the safety measures needed.

Any change in the Management’s organisation, wether it involves a breaking-up of the institution or not, must be subject to a declaration to the mayor, who imposes, with the views of the safety commission, the complementary measures eventually rendered necessary by the modifications resulting from this new situation.

The mission consists in :

  • Ensuring the relation with the safety commission.
  • Approving the project
  • Handling the safety register


The RUS reports :

  • Their obligations to the operators ;
  • The possible problems to the owners ;
  • The difficulties encountered to the administration



There are numerous controls that include for example :

  • the safety service
  • the maintenance, the verifications ;
  • the periodical exercises;
  • the work;
  • etc…