Fire safety systems coordination

Made compulsory by the regulation of June 25th, 1980 article MS 53 § 2 as well as the standards NFS 61-931, NFS 61-932 and NFS 61-970, the ‘Fire Safety Systems Coordination’ mission aims at ensuring the continuity of your installation at every step : during its implementation or its replacement, during its modifications or extensions.


The Fire Safety Coordination consists in ensuring the institution’s responsible that his installation is :

  • In conformity with the standards and regulation in force.
  • Properly made.
  • Provided with its identity file


It includes the achievement of the following listed tasks :

  • Conceptual phase
  • Construction phase
  • Approval phase


Aim of the mission :

  • Defining the type of aircraft depending on the classification and type of institution.
  • Establishing a functional product specification.
  • Defining the rescuing and safing scenario.
  • Establishing the correlation chart
  • Establishing the chart between zones
  • Achieving the zoning plans
  • Analysing the offers of various companies.
  • Establishing a schedule.
  • Scheduling some project meetings.
  • Carrying out some unannounced visits of the site.
  • Establishing reports of the visits and technical advices.
  • Confirming the answers to the issues encountered on the site.
  • Receiving the installation in the presence of the installer and the approved inspection body that has been chosen by the operator.
  • Establishing a report of the reception.
  • Attending the safety commission.


The design firm Alliance Prévention Incendie is not entitled to carry out the existing plans of the institution.

The operator will have to provide us a computerized  and updated DWG version in order to carry out the file.